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Shelby Ann Perry took off her engagement ring to keep it safe because it kept getting caught in her hair when she braided it.

But as it sat on her nightstand, her pug Patrick thought it looked like a tasty treat.

The 26-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, noticed her two-year-old pet next to her on the floor appearing to have something in his mouth.

She chased him around the house and thought he’d been doing it for attention until she went to put her ring back on her finger, and she realised it wasn’t there.

Her fears were confirmed after taking the cheeky pug to the vet’s office, where they discovered the ring in his stomach – and warned that it could potentially kill him due to the sharp edges.

Thankfully, vets successfully removed the diamond and sapphire engagement ring from his stomach – leaving his owner with a $2,500 (£1,935) bill.

Nurse Shelby said: ‘I was trying to braid my hair and it kept getting caught in my engagement ring.

‘I took the ring off and set it next to the nightstand where I was sitting.

‘While doing my hair, I noticed Patrick smacking his lips like he had something in his mouth. He will eat anything that’s on the ground.’

Patrick has previously pretended to chew on something to get his owner to chase him, so she thought he was just playing around.

She added: ‘I reached over to grab him, and he ran away. I literally said “I hope whatever you ate doesn’t kill you”.

‘I went to put my ring back on and it wasn’t there. I looked everywhere, and then saw Patrick and my heart sank. I immediately thought the worst.

‘I went to the vet, thinking that there was no way he could have eaten it. But I just wanted to be safe.

‘Then the vet told me that the ring was in there. I was shocked.

‘They said it’s too big to pass naturally, and because it has sharp edges it could perforate his insides and possibly kill him.

‘They said an endoscopy was a lot safer than surgery, so they did the procedure and thankfully Patrick was fine. He had no idea of the drama he caused.’

The vets opted for an endoscopy, where a long tube is inserted into the body, under general anaesthetic to retrieve the engagement ring.

While the jewellery was returned, Shelby said her heart sank when she realised that the large white sapphire along with a smaller diamond had fallen off.

Thankfully, Shelby’s fiance found the large sapphire on the floor at home – but vets said the couple would need to ‘strain’ Patrick’s bowel movements if they wanted to recover the smaller diamonds.

They tried and couldn’t find them but the engagement ring is under a lifetime warranty for the replacement of the diamonds.

She said: ‘I was upset when the vet said two stones were missing, but thankfully my fiance found the big sapphire.

‘Luckily, we have a lifetime warranty on the engagement ring, so they sent it out to be cleaned and repaired.

‘It also covers the smaller diamond stones that were missing that we couldn’t find, so luckily they’ll be able to replace it.

‘When I saw it on the X-Ray I was in total disbelief. It is one thing to hear the vet saying it’s in his stomach, and then to see it so clearly made it real.’

Though she had no idea of the cost, the ring was special to Shelby because her fiance Alejandro Morales, 30, picked out one that looks like Hummingbirds to remember her grandmother.

He popped the question back in October 2019 after five years together and they are set to tie the knot in August this year.

She said: ‘My grandmother who passed away loved hummingbirds.

‘She raised me and was like a mum to me. I always wanted her in my wedding but she passed away in 2018 from cancer.

‘So this ring is very special and has so much sentimental value to me.

‘It was a very stressful day. But now I can look back and laugh at the situation.

‘I think Patrick was a little bit mad at me because I had to put him on a diet for a couple of months, so this could have been his revenge.

‘My fiance and I have this saying that this is Patrick’s world and everyone else is just living in it.

‘He is definitely very spoilt. But he is super cute, and I love him so much.’