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José Altuve loudly booed in his first spring training at bat

The Astros and sign-stealing has, quite obviously, been the story of the offseason. The basic news of the scandal has, quite understandably, led the headlines, but the response to the

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Connectedness to nature makes children happier

A new study in Frontiers in Psychology, led by Dr. Laura Berrera-Hernández and her team at the Sonora Institute of Technology (ITSON), has shown for the first time that connectedness

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JPMorgan executives say bank is big enough to weather any storm

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) executives tried to reassure investors on Tuesday that the bank can thrive during times of market and economic stress, due to the sheer size and

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Save on gaming mice, laptops, G-Sync monitors, and more

Today at Amazon, you can find several gaming accessories for less than they usually cost. There are a few devices that are worth calling out, one of which is Asus’

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Pregnant prisoners ‘not told they have to give up babies until after birth’

Pregnant prisoners are being kept in the dark about whether their children will be taken away from them, a prison’s researcher has warned. Dr Rachel Dolan has been researching the

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